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5.10 500 Watts - Steam Power Plant(0.37kw Turbine Output)

General Description :
Steam turbine with steam generator in a pilot scale model is designed for class room demonstration to understand how the steam power plant works. Compressed air mixing with diesel oil will be burnt in combustion chamber to generate steam at the boiler. Live steam from boiler is heated up to become super heat steam by electric heater, then, to be discharge to a single stage turbine. Basic Rankin cycle diagram as shown below;

Low pressure wet steam from turbine is condense in shell and tube condenser using cold water from cooling tower. Condensate will be collected in desecration feed tank for feeding to boiler via feed pump. The turbine output is determined by electric generator and synthesized load in term of Watts. Cooling tower is closed loop system with make-up water device and energy balancing devices.

Experimental Capabilities :

Demonstration :
- Steam power plant and its components
- Start-up, operation and shut down of a steam power plant
- Closed steam-water circuit with feed water treatment

Calculation :
- Isentropic efficiency of the turbine
- Condenser efficiency
- Specific fuel consumption of the steam plant by the way boiler efficiency can be estimated.

Specifications :
  1. Laboratory-sized steam power plant 100 kgs steam /hr@ >=7 barg
  2. Diesel oil fired steam generator with 5,000 Watts electric super heater
  3. Single-stage turbine.
  4. DC generator and simulated loading.
  5. Water-cooled condenser
  6. Feed water treatment unit
  7. Automatic plant monitored and controlled.
  8. Closed circuit chilled water with cooling tower.
Technical Data :

Steam generator :
- Water tube or equivalent pressure vessel. ASME code or equivalent.
- Steam output: =100 kg/h at =7 barg
- Max. Fuel consumption (approx.): = 10kg/h diesel oil
- Heat-up time: 25 min
- max. Pressure: = 7 barg
- Steam piping: sch 40 stainless steel

Super Heater :
- Power: >= 5 kW electrical heating elements
- Fabricated from all stainless steel.

Single-stage turbine :
- Power: max. =500 Watts 30 vdc dc generator at 3,700 rpm.(approx.)

Water-cooled condenser :
- Stainless steel structure shell and tube.
- Cooling capacity: see cooling water system.
- Transfer surface: 1.8 m (approx.)

Cooling water system :
- Combine system of conventional cooling tower and water chiller unit using refrigeration system.
- Closed circuit chilled water from cooling tower to water cooled condenser.
- Cooling capacity of =24,000 BTU/h

Measuring Devices :
- Temperature: thermocouple, digital display 0 to 200 degree C.
- Air flow rate: hot wire or propeller type anemometer m/sec x cross sectional area.
- Water flow rate: digital flow meter, cu.m
- Pressure: oil type pressure gauges 0...15barg,
- Revolution speed: 0...5000min-1
- Steam consumption rate measurement: direct measurement of condensate rate from condenser.

Feed pump : boiler feed pump with condensate and feed tank.

Water treatment unit : Water softener.

Fuel tank : >=38 litres Diesel tank.

Dimension and weight(approx.)
  1. 3500mml x 2000mmw x 2400mmh
  2. Weight: approx. 2,000kg Gross.
Required service :
  1. 230V, 50Hz, 1 phases, 35 Amp.
  2. Water connection 5 m/h need to be provided.
Delivery :
  1. 1 experimental plant
  2. Built in DC ventilating fan, adjustable speed.
  3. 1 CD demonstrating operation.
  4. 1 set of instructional material including detailed operating manual