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All machine configuration and specification are subjected to change without advance notice for better quality of product.

General Description :
The newly developed equipment is compact designed but very competitive in price and experimental capability.It is consists of three separated compartments, one the tested engine and dynamonmeter, second is controller and third one is computer and its accessories. The machine configuration is as shown above.Engine speed interm or RPM ,torque interm of N-m, will be shown directly on pc screen while exhaust gas temperature ,and air flow rate interm of kg/sec have to be key in pc manually. The experimental results,then can be calculated, the corresponding graph plottings are shown , save and print using provided suitable hardware and software compatible to windows program.
Signal interfering and vibration problem are minimized using this separated configuration.
The equipment is equipped with adjustable speed ac drived motor for evaluation of friction power of tested engine.

Experimental Capabilities :
To demonstrating how the dynamometer and controller work, and how to maintain the typical dynamometer.The students are allowed to learn more about the following topics :
  1. Determination of friction power.
  2. Determination of brake power.
  3. Determination of A/F ratio.
  4. Determination of indicated power.
  5. Determination of mechanical efficiency.
  6. Determination of brake specific fuel consumption.
  7. Determination of thermal efficiency.
  8. Determination of brake thermal efficiency.
  9. Determination of indecated specific fuel consumption.
  10. Determination of engine performance curves such as
    Brake power V.S. Engine speed
    Brake power V.S. Indicated power
    Air flow and fuel used V.S. Engine speed
    A/F ratio V.S. Engine speed
    Exhaust gas temp. V.S. Engine speed
    Brake specific fuel consumption V.S. Engine speed
    Mechanical efficiency V.S. Engine speed
    Brake thermal efficiency V.S. Engine speed

Technical Specifications :
  1. Engine : Gasoline, >= 5HP ,4 stroke,single cylinder,air cooled.
  2. Norminal output : >=3.1 kW at 3600 RPM
  3. Maximum torque : >= 8Nm at 2500 RPM.
  4. Compression ratio : >= 5.5:1
  5. Ignition : Flywheel/Electronic magneto.
  6. Dynamometer : Air cooled-eddy current type.Power absorption more than 150 WATTS at 3600 RPM.Over heating can be limited using brake thermostat for preventing burning of brake dynamometer.The maximum working temperature is 50 deg C.
  7. Torque measurement : Electronic digital read out in term of Nm. Measuring range 0-20 N-m, readable to 0.001 N-m. The unit will be supplied with torque calibration arm and a set of calibration weight for torque calibration.
  8. Engine speed indicator : Non contact sensing probe with digital arm indecator, measuring range 500-6000 RPM, readable to 1 RPM interval.
  9. Temperature meter : Thermocouples with digital read out in term of C, read to 1C interval for both intake and exhaust
  10. Air flow measurement : Orifice type,direct reading air flow meter for intake.Read in term of LPM actual air, 27 C ,1 ATMA.
  11. Fuel consumption measurement : Syringe type , 0-50 ml.To be supplied with main fuel tank for fuel refilling, digital stop watch(readable to 0.01 sec.)is provided.
  12. Service required : 220 VAC 50 Hz.
  13. Space required : A space area of approx.lmW x 2mL

Dimention and Weights(Approx) :

Nett 100 Kgs Gross 120 Kgs Dynamometer Controller
Length, mm 750 600
Width, mm 600 400
Height, mm 1470 1250
Volumn, Cu.m. 0.6615 0.30
  Nett Gross
Weight, Kg. 100 120

Delivery :
  1. Completed set of ET 070726 dynamometer and controller.
  2. Instruction and typical tested results.
  3. Hardware and software for rapid calculation and graph plotting.Saving and printing of experimental results.