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4.28 Water Tunnel with Two Component Balance

Note : All machine configuration and specification are subjected to change without advance notice for better quality of product.

General Description :
Water tunnel is a compact small size, suitable for class room demonstration of three dimensional flow visualization. The equipment is fabricated from stainless steel and to be install on mobile stainless steel structural frame as a self – contained unit. This unit usually to be operated in the range of laminar flow.

Theoretically, we can exchange the test result from water tunnel to wind tunnel by calculation.

This is a ready to use unit, just fill the water up and plug in for the electrical power. However, drainage the water after operation need drain trench/ facilities, and, have to be provided by purchaser.

Experimental Capabilities :
  1. Study of flow visualization in laminar flow region.
  2. Determined drag and lift coefficient of small models with two component balance.
Scope : The scope of this quotation covers the supply, delivery, installation, testing, commissioning and training of Educational Water Tunnel Kit

Technical Specifications : Water tunnel system shall have the following minimum specification but not limited to
  1. Dimension of test section : 200mmW x 200mmD x 460mm.L Maximum x area = 0.04 sq.m. Test section made from 10mm clear acrylic sheet. Test section can be replaced by thump screws.
  2. Water speed : Variable speed controller from 0 cm/s- 10cm/s
  3. Power of electric motor : >= 1 hp.
  4. It shall comply with the local electrical power rated at 50 Hz, 240+/-5% VAC for single phase.
  5. Circulating pump : Plastic or stainless steel centrifugal pump with flow control valve and by pass valve. Magnetic breaker with overload relay is provided.
  6. Flow indicator : Digital flow meter in term of cu.m/ sec.
  7. Power of electric motor : >= 1 hp.
  8. Water speed determined by calculation.
  9. Dye injection unit : 3 ports, single station, up stream. Injection rate can be adjusted manually.
  10. Provided standard model for visualization : A plastic/ aluminum cast sedan car.
  11. Water head tank, receiving tank and water storage tank made from plastic sheet and stainless steel.
  12. Two component balance: load cells with digital display in term of Newton, Local display. Computer linked type.
  13. Software : Compatible for Windows program. Data collection via RS232 port, for drag and lift force. Water velocity/ air velocity, angle of attack and water temperature have to be keyed by manual, hence auto calculation and graph plotting of Cd and Cl can be displayed.
  14. Angle of attack : -5 to + 40 degree, read able to 1 degree.
  15. Standard model : NACA 0015
Dimensions (approximately) :
700mmW X 1600mmL x 1200mmH
Net weight: 150Kgs, 200Kgs Gross

Delivery :
1 Complete set of water tunnel.
1 Instruction and operation manual with typical experimental result.