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4.21 Compact Francis Turbine Test Set

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All equipment configuration and specification are subjected to change without advance notice for better quality of product.

General Description and Experimental Capabilities :
A compact, portable and selfcontained unit which is suitable for classroom demonstrating. Typical test is turbine efficiency vs. turbined load.The runner is special designed to work on low dynamic head such as 10-15 mTDH, so, no need for larger and powerful water circulating pump,PC.

Technical Specifications :
  1. Runner is made of nonferous material with stainless steel shaft and mechanical seal.
  2. Runner diameter >= 110mm and to be equipped with adjustable guide vane to achieve high performance efficiency.
  3. Maximum turbine output of >=80 WATTS(brake power) at turbine efficiency over 50%.
  4. Water flowrate can be adjusted manually using provided valve m^3/sec.
  5. Runner speed is indicated by digital tachometer in term of RPM to the maximum value of 1050 RPM
  6. Head of water at inlet port of turbine is indicated by oil type pressure gauge and pressure transducer which can be display digitally on computer screen.
  7. Water circulating pump is centrifugal type >= 480 LPM @ 5 mTDH, 3 HP, 220 VAC 1 Phase-motor centrifugal pump.
  8. Dimension and weight: 800mm W x 1200mm L x 1500mm H(approx.)160 kgNET,170 kgGROSS.
  9. Panel control box consists of pilot lamp and switch and digital runner speed, digital water flowrate, digital water temperature indicator, and digital loading indicator which can be linked with pc. Magnetic with overload relay for main pump is provided.
  10. Torque measurement: Adjustable tension belt over pulley with load cell. Power can be evaluated by direct measurement of load produced by turbine at a certained runner speed. Digital display at local panel and output signal can be linked with pc.
  11. Software compatible to windows program: For rapid calculation, save of experimental results and plotting of performance curve are provided.
  12. Water storage tank: 80 Litres plastic tank with drain port.
  13. Water flowrate controlling: Gate valve associated with bypass valve.
  14. Required service: 220-240VAC, 50Hz, 15AMP.