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2. Hydraulic Bench HB 02

Equipment Configuration :
The equipment is designed to lower cost but very efficient in operation to achieve the most competitive price at its product's range. Maintenance problem is kept at minimum requirement thru out the long lasting service.

This is really the right choice of general purpose hydraulic bench.

Normal colour :
* Bench top - White
* Supporting frame - Grey

General Description :
The equipment consists of the main parts as followings :
  1. Main water storage tank up to 160 litre capacity.
  2. Stainless steel centrifugal pump, >= 370 watt 220 VAC., equipped with magnetic switchs to prevent the pumps from overloading current condition.
  3. Water leveller for horizontal setting in installation of the bench. This is very important for obtaining the corrected measurement of water volume in volumetric tank.
  4. Quick closing and opening valve for determination of water flowrate. This valve can be completely closed within 0.2 second by gravitating force, means that closing time is almost constant to obtain more accurate result.
  5. 5-80 LPM engineering grade variable area flow meter less than */- 3% accuracy for quick reference and predetermine of required flowrate. In most cases, this flowmeter can be used instead of volumetric tank, hence, save a lot of time to run the experiment. The term "engineering grade" means you can not buy this flow meter in normal market, it is specific made and factory calibrated. See attached typical calibration at the end of this specification.
  6. Flow control valve and bypass valve.
  7. Volumetric scale in term of litres, up to 45 litres, to be supplied with digital stop watch.
  8. Drain port at the bottom of water storage tank.
  9. Water distributor at the outlet port of the hydraulic bench, to be supplied with 3/4 in. quick coupling.
  10. Magnetic switch equipped with overload relay, ground wire must be connected for safety reason.
  11. Two brake wheels and two wheels for moving of the bench and fixing it at a certain position.
  12. Demensions : W x H x L = 710mmW x 1000mmH x 1310mmL (approx.)
  13. Channel : 220mmW x 650mmL (approx.)
  14. Weight : 70 kgsNet, 85kgsGross.
  15. Materials of construction : Bench top is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic, supporting frame is made of stainless steel.
Installation :
  1. The bench should be installed on horizontal plane and well facility for draining. Thin plates may be inserted under the wheels so that the right position which indicated by water leveller can be obtained. After that the brake wheels have to be locked.
  2. Fill up the water storage tank to 4/5 of its capacity with clean-fresh water. Any water leakage must be fixed before proceeding of next step.
  3. Bypass valve must ve open to 50% postition.
  4. Connect the electrical power line to 220 VAC., 50 Hz., now the equipment is ready to work.
  5. Connect your instrument to be studied or tested on the bench top, make sure that all water lines are connected correctly before starting of pumps. In case the first time of the hydraulic bench installation, step 2.6 is necessary to follow before installation of the instrument on the bench top.
  6. Start the pump by pressing of start button of magnetic switch, open flow control valve, then the quick closing valve should be closed. The water inlet port of the volumetric scale will be flooded with water to about 5-10 litres, then stop the pump by pressing of stop button of magnetic switch.
  7. Remove the volumetric scale, allow the water comes out from the plastic tube so that air bubbles are disappeared, then put the scale to its original position, here, zero (0 LPM) position have to be adjusted by opening of quick closing/opening valve of the volumetric tank, allow water to be drained completely, adjust the zero position to the water level in the plastic tube, then lock it up.
  8. Safety precaution :
    * a. do not put any part of your body in to water or you may be harmed by electrical hazard.
    * b. stop the pumps immediately in case of water leakage or pumps can not run when pressing of start button.
    * c. keep good housekeeping, unplug the electrical power when finishing of your experiment.
Calibration of Engineering Grade Flow Meter
Typical results :

Run Reading,Q,LPM Q by volumetric tank % Error
A. S/N0509501
1 5 5 0
2 10 9.9 -1
3 20 19.7 -1.52
4 30 30 0
5 40 40.5 1.23
6 50 50.2 0.40
7 70 59.8 0.33
B. S/N0509502
1 5 5.2 3.85
2 10 10.5 4.76
3 20 20 0
4 30 29.9 -0.33
5 40 40.3 0.74
6 50 50.1 0.20
7 70 60.2 0.33

Note : All specification and equipment configuration are subjected to change without advance notice for better quality of product.

Typical Accessories (Optional)
  1. 1 unit of flow over weirs consists of square notch weir and V notch weir made of PVC sheets.One set of water level vernier gauge.

    All equipment configuration is subjected to change without advance notice for better quality of product.

  2. Orifice and jet flow : model 0J070531

    All specification and machine configuration are subjected to change without advance notice for better quality of product.

    General Description :
    The unit comprises a cylindrical acrylic plastic tank with adjustable overflow and scale for reading the height of the column of water . Different nozzles can be fitted to the base of the cylinder. The path of the jet can be measured using tracer pins. A white panel behind the jet enables shape of the jet to be recorded. The unit is fitted to a support that is fitted to the HB02 Hydraulics Bench. As a continuous supply of water is not necessary during the experiments, the unit can also be operated without the bench.

    Experiment Capability :
    Detemination of the discharge characteristics of differnt size nozzles. Sequential comparison of different nozzles. Optical investigation of the change in a jet of water as a function of the flow rate. Influence of height of the column of water.

    Standard Features
    Clear acrylic plastic cylinder
    Volume : approx. 13.5ltr
    Discharge nozzles
    Diameter : 1 x 8mm, 1 x 4mm

  3. Osborne Reynolds number model RE 070531

  4. FM 01 Flow Measurement Apparatus