Note: All machine configuration and specification are subjected to change without advance notice for better quality of product.

This steam engine is Stuart 10H Model mounted on a metal frame. The unit is equipped with control panel consisting of digital VA meter, compressed air pressure gauge, the main switch for power output, power output switch, output pilot lamp, output power terminal, DC motor and 5 Watt DC
Experiment Capabilities
1. deterechanical output (need tachometer - an optional)
2. determination of electrical output by 12 VDC motor as the artificial load
3. determination of electrical output by 5 watts 12VDC pilot lamp as the artificial load.
4. understanding how the basic steam engine works and how to run the engine
5. understanding how to make maintenance and troubleshooting.mination of m
Technical Specification
1. steam engine, single horizontal piston, double-action steam engine. maximum electrical watts output not less than 1.5 watts at a maximum inlet pressure of 2 barg
2. electrical generator: 12 or 24 VDC generator, belt driven
3. artificial load, 1 set of 12 VDC motor, 1 set of the 12VDC resistive lamp, loading can be adjusted
4. engine speed in term of RPM can be determined by using provided non-contact type digital tachometer
5. air compressor: 0.5HP or higher single stage air compressor
6. supporting frame: steel frame, stationary lock down table type
7. air pressure gauge: oil type 0-2.5 barg
Dimension & Weight (Approximately)
W x L x H = 600 X 1000 X 1200 mm
25 kgs NET, 40 kgs GROSS
Dimension & Weight (Approximately)
1. a complete set of mini-steam engine power plant
2. instruction manual